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Where can a customer purchase AMSOIL? You find it in your own local neighborhood!!!??? Dealers, of course, provide product to customers through personal retail sales. But sometimes this is not the ideal means of distribution for a customer. Potential customers often search for the products they need in the convenience and immediacy of a conventional retail outlet. To expand the accessibility of products, and meet the needs of more cusumers, AMSOIL offers the Retail On-the-Shelf program.

AMSOIL can be made available through any typical store where one can purchase most everyday items. If you own, manage, or work at a retail store that now or would like to sell the type of products AMSOIL makes available to the consumer, consider the benefits, and potential profits, of selling the best of the best!

AMSOIL Retail Sales

This may be a hardware store, automotive parts store, repair garage, quick lube, or convenience store. Other possibilities are auto, truck, boat or RV retailers or repair facilities. How about boat marinas, lawn mower repair shops?

Any of these stores may be retail accounts, as long as they meet a couple simple standards. They must be a retail seller of products, or products related to a service. They must maintain regular hours, be in a business location accessable to the public (such as having a storefront). And the primary product or service extended to the public must be other than just AMSOIL products.

If your business does not qualify under these conditions (such as if you operate a repair shop out of the garage out back), don't fret! You can still be involved with the sale of AMSOIL products as a Dealer.

If your main business is the "use" of these products, and not the retail sales of products, you may qualify as a Commercial Account of AMSOIL products.

If your business is interested in selling the best products and your customers are discriminating about the quality of the products they use, you will be thrilled with the ways AMSOIL helps their retail accounts make money!

To be a Retail Account, AMSOIL requires an Account Application Form to be filled out that will include basic information about your company, physical and shipping address, and contact information. Click on the following form to display the form in your browser window for printing [This .pdf file is 658 kb in size, so please allow time for the file to load]:

Retail On-The-Shelf
Account Application

There is a tax exemption form included in the Account Application Form should you desire to purchase products without pre-paying your local State Sales Taxes, but this portion of the form is optional and should only be completed if you wish to not pre-pay local State Sales Taxes on your purchases of AMSOIL Products.

AMSOIL extends special pricing to its Retail Accounts and AMSOIL products are sold to all retail accounts at the same pricing, so the largest discount retailers buy at the same prices as the small specialty shops. AMSOIL will pay the full freight bill if your order totals $6,000.00 USD or more and it is shipped to one destination. One-half of the freight bill will be paid by AMSOIL if the order totals from $3,000.00 USD to $5,999.99 USD and it is shipped to one destination.

In addition, AMSOIL provides a variety of programs designed to increase sales and help you in your business. For example, AMSOIL offers a Retail On-the-Shelf Co-op Program which provides monetary assistance to accounts in their advertising efforts, including print, radio and television advertising. The Co-op Program can also be used to buy AMSOIL point-of-purchase literature items, banners, etc.

AMSOIL has a 30-day credit plan for qualified Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts. Three trade references must be provided, as well as other financial information. If credit is denied by AMSOIL, a qualified Retail On-The-Shelf Account may still purchase AMSOIL product by paying directly or by COD. Financial reports are required only when no other credit or trade references are available for AMSOIL to verify [This .pdf file is 286 kb in size, so please allow time for the file to load].

Credit Application

AMSOIL will contact all three Trade References you list on the Credit Application. Include a fax number for each of your Trade References to speed credit approval. Note that if any Trade References do not respond to AMSOIL's inquiry, you will not be approved for credit. It often helps to contact the Trade References you list to ask them to cooperate with the AMSOIL inquiry. You will be contacted to provide additional Trade References if inquiries are not successful. If not approved for credit, you may still purchase AMSOIL products by credit card or COD.


Fill in the Account Application Form and the Confidential Credit Application Form, if desired, and mail both forms directly to AMSOIL to the address shown on the Account Application form.

Should you for any reason not be able to view or print out the Account Application or Confidential Credit Application Form, please do contact us and we will mail you printed forms for making application for Retail Account status.

Please send us a copy of your Account Application and Confidential Credit Application forms, or at least e-mail us to advise us that you have processed Account Application forms. We can then mail you a price list, some brochures and additional information on AMSOIL Products and Programs.