Become An AMSOIL
Preferred Customer

AMSOIL has long provided the opportunity for individuals to purchase all of our premium synthetic lubricants, and fine filtration products at Dealer cost by simply becoming an AMSOIL Dealer. Now the opportunity to purchase products at Dealer Discount prices has been extended through a Preferred Customer Program that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This program provides an excellent means of obtaining the best possible prices and services, much like joining a warehouse club or other discount program, but without the hassle. AMSOIL’s Preferred Customer Program gives you all of the following advantages:

  • Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL products at Dealer cost (generally about a 25% discount to Retail Prices).

  • Preferred Customers do not have to sign any contract or provide social security numbers.

    Great Discount Prices on AMSOIL Products

    Get Great Discount Prices on AMSOIL Products

  • Preferred Customers may become Dealers at any time. Once you have tried AMSOIL products, you can join in later in the opportunity to become a Dealer and take advantage of the opportunity to make great part time income as a Dealer after you are sure that AMSOIL provides all the cost savings and benefits we talk about.

  • Preferred Customers feel none of the responsibility of owning a business.

  • Preferred Customers experience all the benefits of AMSOIL products.

  • Preferred Customers receive a package including Price List, Product Brochures, and other information from AMSOIL explaining our products and programs.

  • Preferred Customers who sign up on-line with Pecuniary, Inc., receive a Compact Disc (CD) with more than 150 separate Acrobat Reader Portable Document Files (.pdf), including brochures on individual products, brochures on various applications of AMSOIL products, the Automotive Application & Cross Reference Guide to determine what filters to purchase for cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc., installation instructions for the bypass filters, etc., technical data sheets on all products, and extensive information on what programs AMSOIL makes available to you should you decide to convert to a Dealer and take advantage of the full or part-time income as a Dealer.

  • Preferred Customers receive the AMSOIL Action News magazine so they are continually educated on new products, racing news and test results.

  • Preferred Customers have the choice of trying out AMSOIL products as a Preferred Customer for 6-months at a cost of just $10.00 (CAN$20.00), or may choose a 12-month Preferred Customer account at a cost of just $20.00 (CAN$40.00).

Visit the Secure On-Line Registration page and become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer. It takes just a few minutes to apply on-line. In about five business days you will receive your information package can order product directly from AMSOIL at great discount prices.

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Preferred Customer Registration Form

After you have received the package of information from AMSOIL and have your Preferred Customer Account Number in hand, it will be easy and fast for you to place your orders directly with AMSOIL by phone or on line using the instructions in your package of information. Please do call or email us should you have any questions or need additional information.


You will see that the AMOIL line of products are all that we claim they are, and you will see the great opportunity available to you should you decide to move up to being an AMSOIL Dealer and make money selling AMSOIL products to others. It only costs and additional $10.00US ($20.00CAN) per year to change from being an AMSOIL Preferred Customer to being an AMSOIL Dealer. Simply fill out the Preferred Customer Upgrade Registration Application and mail it in. That's it. Now you're in business!