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AMSOIL Independent Dealer Opportunity

The demand for AMSOIL products is on the rise, and independent AMSOIL businesses throughout the world are growing like never before. AMSOIL's wide selection of sales programs provide Dealers with profitable business opportunities unattainable with any other franchise or direct sales company. And most importantly, the AMSOIL opportunity is rock-solid. AMSOIL Inc. is a company you can count on for not only top-quality products and dedicated corporate support, but for stability and an opportunity you can trust your future to. AMSOIL products have been sold through their network of independent Dealers since 1973.

As an AMSOIL Dealer, you purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer Cost and receive the benefit of discount prices for products you use. Its important for you to use the products so you can experience the benefits. Sales literature and hearing the experiences of others only go so far. You must convince yourself.

Once you are convinced that AMSOIL is as good as all that you've heard and read, then its time to see how you can actually make money by introducing others to AMSOIL products.

Dodge Truck with a Load of AMSOILThe strongest part of AMSOIL's program is the variety. There are numerous ways you can make money selling AMSOIL products. You can pursue one or two aspects of the AMSOIL Marketing plan, or all of them. You can start off slow, working at it just in your spare time, or you can get serious and work at it on a regular, part-time basis. And, of course, you can jump in with both feet and do it full time. Many people see how AMSOIL can work with other programs or work they do. If you are a farmer, then you spend your time talking to other farmers and you can specialize in selling to farmers. If you run a car at the circle track or down the quarter mile, maybe just putting some AMSOIL decals on your car and showing off some brochures will be enough to get other racers interested in talking to you about AMSOIL Performance Products. Or maybe you have a boat marina, auto repair shop, or othe business and want to do more than just sell AMSOIL products off a shelf in the show-room. Introduce the products to people that can become Preferred Customers or Dealers and who can then make you money long after they quit coming into your store. The way you sell AMSOIL should be consistent with your personal lifestyle and work life -- do what's comfortable for you.

There are many ways for you to start building your income. Your income starts building immediately with retail profits and commission bonuses. You may want to pursue only one or two programs, or all of them. The choice is yours. Here are a few highlights of AMSOIL's numerous programs for making money by introducing others to AMSOIL:

AMSOIL has an excellent Compensation Plan that rewards you for growing your business. As you build your list of accounts, Preferred Customers and other Dealers, your commission gets larger and larger. AMSOIL is structured so that you can even make money utilizing one or two programs, several that fit your tastes, or all of the many programs. Believe it or not, you could theoretically make money with AMSOIL without ever sponsoring another Dealer or ever purchasing a quart of oil!!!

AMSOIL on Display at Motorcycle ShowAMSOIL promotes AMSOIL products, as well as the AMSOIL opportunity, through a variety of methods, including national print, radio and television advertising. You can participate in the response from the public through the AMSOIL referral program. As others in your area inquire about AMSOIL products, AMSOIL provides you with the contact information. If they purchase product or become a Dealer, Preferred Customer or Account, that contact becomes part of your organization and you receive the commission benefit.

You, as an independent business person, are encouraged to promote your business locally to generate leads and customers. Your choice of promotional methods, whether it's traditional advertising, Yellow Pages, direct mail campaigns or trade shows, is totally dependent on the effectiveness of your area. AMSOIL does provide a co-op advertising programs that assists in the costs of certain types of Dealer advertising.

In addition to co-op advertising, AMSOIL provides a vast selection of brochures, catalogs, videos and other promotional and sales support materials specifically designed to aid you in your efforts. In addition, the company publishes a monthly magazine - Action News - an invaluable sales resource filled with new product information, sales tips and Dealer profiles.

AMSOIL's professional corporate staff is standing by to assist you every step of the way. Technical support from the AMSOIL corporate headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin, is only a phone call away, and Dealer training programs focusing on successful sales and marketing techniques occur on a regular basis throughout the country. And of course, sponsor support and Dealer Meetings are an integral part of the sales network's built-in support system. You're never alone with AMSOIL!

In keeping with AMSOIL's on-going campaign to provide Dealers with the flexible tools needed to make their business grow at the speed and in the direction the Dealers desire, AMSOIL provides several plans for becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, depending on what your needs may be:

Starter Kit - Cost: US$15.00 (CAN$22.50)

Provides a six-month registration as an AMSOIL Dealer and information on AMSOIL programs, how to have your own AMSOIL Web Site, Wholesale Price Lists, Literature and Sales Aids Price List, the AMSOIL Marketing Plan, Compensation Plan and Policies, several product and application brochures, and the AMSOIL/Hastings Filter Application and Cross-Reference Guide. As a Dealer, you purchase all AMSOIL Products at Dealer cost as well as can pursue all other AMSOIL programs. You also receive AMSOIL's monthly magazine Action News for six months. By paying the optional US$30.00 (CAN$45.00) for this Starter Kit, your registration is good for 12-months.

Literature Pack - Cost: US$40.00 (CAN$45.00)

You can also purchase a 3-ring binder with dozens of brochures and data sheets outlining AMSOIL products and applications. An excellent choice for anyone looking to learn more about the products before jumping into the business with both feet.

More AMSOIL Info

Want to learn more about the AMSOIL Product Line as well as what programs are available to you as an AMSOIL Dealer? Visit the More AMSOIL Info page and browse copies of over 150 AMSOIL product and application brochures, technical data sheets, installation and service instruction sheets, and the Filter Application and Cross-Reference Guide, all in Acrobat Reader Portable Document File Format (.pdf). Included is a collection of the "How To . . ." guides contained in the AMSOIL Business Manual which go into detail about all of AMSOIL's various marketing programs. Purchasing the Literature Package and Business Manual is a good idea, especially if you are going to talk to prospective Commercial and Retail On-the-Shelf Accounts and people to sponsor as Dealers. The More AMSOIL Info page will give you all of the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision, but is not meant to substitute for the AMSOIL-provided information that will be sent to you by AMSOIL after your registration as an AMSOIL Dealer.

Business Manual - Cost: US$35.00 (CAN$50.00)

The Business Manual does not include any literature on AMSOIL products, but includes a nine-section binder on the Business aspect of having an AMSOIL business.

Complete Package -- Literature Pack + Business Manual

Cost: US$65.00 (CAN$95.00) - - Both of the above binders. The best bet for the serious individual looking to get involved.

Note that because AMSOIL has distribution networks only in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico, the AMSOIL Dealership Opportunity is only available to residents of those countries.

To register as an AMSOIL Dealer, you may click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the AMSOIL site page for online registration. Complete directions are included on the online application site. Information required is your basic name, address, telephone number and (for income tax purposes) social security number.

Click Here to see the Online Dealer Application
Information and Application Page

If you have any product or application questions, please email us separately. We are glad to answer any questions or provide additional information.

I suggest you purchase the 6-month starter kit and take the time to thoroughly review the information at the More Amsoil Info page. This page will give you all the product information you need to make an informed purchasing decision, and, as a Dealer, give you the Dealer discount. A great deal for only $15.00. You can also study the "How To ..." guides and better understand how the various AMSOIL programs might work for you. If you purchase just one case of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, the cost of the Starter Kit Registration Application fee is more than offset by the savings you enjoy when compared to buying that same one case of oil at Catalog Retail price.

If you are not ready to become a Dealer, you can get the benefits of purchasing AMSOIL products at Dealer prices by becoming an AMSOIL Preferred Customer. There is no obligation, no minimum purchase (you are not required to purchase any products by the case), and you enjoy the savings and performance of AMSOIL Products.

After you have tried those products that are of particular interest to your life style, such as 2-Cycle Oil or other products, you will recognize the superior performance and value of using premium products. They may not be the cheapest price, but you will see the greatest value from protecting your investment and enjoying the increased economy and long-term benefits of superior protection. If you are sold on the products, then you can upgrade from a Preferred Customer to Dealer by simply filling out a Preferred Customer Upgrade Registration Application and sending it in to AMSOIL. Then you can sell the products and earn commissions!

To learn the business aspect of selling AMSOIL, you can then invest in the AMSOIL Business Manual for $30US and get your AMSOIL business started off the way you want to work. Many Dealers only sell product to friends, co-workers and relatives. Others concentrate on the Commercail and Retail Programs. Others concentrate on sponsoring additional Dealers. Some get involved in all the programs. You can do it full time, part time, or spare time. This is your business. It's up to you!

Your positive experiences with AMSOIL and AMSOIL products are important to us, as is your success with your new AMSOIL Dealership. We will work with you on training and marketing ideas in any way possible.